KES singer/performer/writer/producer comes from a multiracial background, he grew up half of his life in the well to do Orange County community but due to unfortunate circumstances, KES and his family had to relocate to Compton, CA. During those times, KES passion for music allowed him to embrace all genres of music with authenticity. Now with his understanding and love for all genres KES is able to blend these genres in a way never heard before. He has become the go to writer and producer of the music industry. Recently KES has worked with Diddy, Timberland, DNCE, Chris Brown, Goon Rock, Switch, The Underdogs, Warren Campbell, Andre Harris, Kwame, and Makeba Reddick. As we move forward with new genres of music, KES will be at the forefront.



KES premiered his Audio Justice EP on The Fader yesterday. Click here to read more about the EP, which Fader states has "all the polish and promise of Miguel’s career re-booting Art Dealer Chic tapes."