After unearthing his passion for music at 5 years old, Jayro Rosado has gone on to develop a style the eclectic artist would best describe as “a myriad of different genres,” admitting “for the most part though, I’m an R&B soul.” Born in Brooklyn, the songwriter thoughtfully reflects on how different genres not only helped him survive, but incited “just plain fun” during his youthful years.


Born to Puerto Rican parents, the sound and harmonies of his people never vacated Jayro’s ear. He includes Hector Lavoe, Marc Anthony, and Romeo Santos among his most influential musical inspirations. It was, however, the vocals of the late, great Whitney Houston in “I Will Always Love You” which would invigorate his plunge into music. Jayro fondly recalls his parents dancing to the hit song on one Valentine’s Day. He grabbed the cassette the very next day and played it continuously until he memorized the entire The Bodyguard soundtrack. Observing his passion, his parents would catch his shower-time a cappellas on tape recorder, highlighting the youngster’s undeniable talent.


Once in his teenage years, his mother encouraged him to try out for Objetivo Fama – a popular Puerto Rican singing talent contest. Upon making an impression on the show, Jayro grasped the curiosity of many renown artists, musicians and composers within the Latin music community. The experience would catapult him into a touring stint with bachata-powerhouse Romeo Santos, who Jayro attributes and admires as a persistent overcomer of adversity. During the tour, Jayro recollects the valuable experience of the tour not just in the realm of entertainment, but also in developing life skills essential for an artist paving his own path.


Jayro also includes The Weeknd, Lupe Fiasco, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, D’Angelo, Beyonce, Boyz II Men, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, and James Brown as artists whose music galvanize him. His extensive range of musical tastes has enabled Jayro to sculpt his own unique style. “We’re creating a new sound. Our plan is to merge different cultures to the sound of harmonious flow of bachata and R&B,” says the multi-talented performer, who also plays the guitar and piano. The artist, now a part of the Roc Nation Latin roster, is currently working with Romeo Santos who will be executive producer on his upcoming release.


Jayro Rosado has garnered several noteworthy recognitions, including the Celia Cruz Scholarship at 15 years old and Showtime at the Apollo’s Top Dog of the Year Award at 17.