Davaughn Lennard is an American (Latin/Caribbean) record producer/writer from Long Island, New York. Davaughn began taking an interest in music at 11 years old when he decided to start teaching himself how to produce. At 14, he would develop a working relationship with Nicki Minaj which eventually led to his first release “Can Anybody Hear Me” from her infamous street mixtape “Beam Me Up Scotty” (2009). At the age of 17, he would later go on to produce for Bow Wow “Cumming” (G3) 2010, and a year later for B.o.B. “Fuck’ed Up” (2011). In the summer of 2011, Davaughn’s sound caught the attention of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Music Publishing which led to him signing to their roster of producers and songwriters.