Carmen Key has a swelling list of hit records under her belt, stemming from her work with well-known artists such as David Guetta, Selena Gomez, Flo Rida, K-Pop star JYJ & the multi-talented Zendaya Coleman. She has found a home, not just for her creativity at Roc Nation (RN), but she’s also found the RN brand as a source of inspiration as it pertains to her own business.

Through great relationships, honing of her craft and a myriad of mentors, Carmen Key has taken her music industry experience and paired it with her Business Management background to create Rivers Media Group (RMG). RMG is a solutions-based Media Company established to develop, manage, publish and distribute original content from artists, writers, producers and athletes internationally. Through an unprecedented digital platform, RMG is a force to be reckoned with, on its own. However, the recent partnership with Sibling Group Holdings’ (SIBE) Urban Planet Mobile, has put RMG in an even greater position to bring celebrity branded content to the world. Alongside her co-founder, Former Procter & Gamble Executive & “Billion Dollar Boss,” Sonia Jackson Myles, Carmen intends to drive significant change when it comes to the way the world downloads!

Never forsaking her pen, Carmen makes sure to find time for the craft that started it all…songwriting. “No matter where I go or how many meetings I attend, somehow I always end up back in my studio creating songs that touch and inspire people around the world…and I’m totally happy with that.”

As RMG takes flight and her new music hits the radio, Carmen buckles up for what’s destined to be a very exciting year!