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We are all SLAVES. We are all slaves to something; our jobs, our families, our friends, our lives, hostage to finance, the money we need to earn to survive. Kent based due Slaves, however, are breaking out of the shackles and doldrums with a vicious and highly original take on raw garage lo-fi indie punk fucking rock. Fronted by Isaac Holman (22) on drums and vocals and Laurie Vincent (21) on guitar, Slaves are a punk band like no other. Isaac stands up in-front of his drums; there’s no kick drum, just snare, two cymbals and floor tom. He replaces the thud of the kick by battering on the floor tom, propelling the sound forward with tribal rhythms and a seething vocal attack whilst beside him Laurie peels off wave-upon-wave of brittle post-punk guitar noise. Slaves are fast, noisy, aggressive and real.

Who knew that only two young men from the Garden Of England could make so much noise?