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Hailing from the Eastblock Jungle of Middle Russia is electronic music pariah 'Proxy'.  With a sound like no other Proxy stands on his own. His music is the product  of an artist who forged a sound in complete isolation. Leading him to entrench himself  in the middle of nowhere in his native Russia, continuing in the UK rave tradition of his essex  spawned idols. 'The Prodigy'. Years in the making his debut double album 'Music From The Eastblock Jungles' features a massive stockpile of new material, as well as modern Proxy classics both renowned 'Raven' and unreleased. 'Abyss', 'Raw',  'Who Are You' and more.  Proxy is currently taking his 'soundtrack to the apocalypse' around the world with a stunning sonic sounding live experience alongside putting ideas together for his new album.