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Carmen Key

With a swelling list of hit records under her belt stemming from her work with well-knows like David Guetta, Selena Gomez, Flo Rida and more, Carmen Key has found a home not just for her creativity in Roc Nation, but she’s also found the RN brand as a source of inspiration as it pertains to her own business goals.

Patterning her company after the far-reaching Roc Nation Enterprise, Ms. Key has taken her Business Management past and merged it with her present musical triumphs to create Kor Music. KM is a Management & Consulting Firm that has one simple but powerful goal in mind…to help artists and music-oriented businesses find success.

Marrying music with business comes very naturally to this new Music Executive. So, as she continues to finesse with her pen with newcomers like Atlantic’s Trevor Jackson, Interscope’s Mateo and new International artist, June Park, she looks not only to create musically, but to help bring them to new levels in business.

Suffice to say, Carmen Key means business. Always, in all ways.

To see what she's up to, visit Kor at